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Meet the Staff of Buy Right Inc

Lenny Leonardo - General Manager

201-330-2100 - lennybolivar@yahoo.com

General Manager

Sean Corcoran - Sales Manager

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

Over 20 years in the Automotive business, complete transparent way of doing business the goal is to get you in the car you really want and can afford. Your best deal is my priority. We offer test drives show you the carfax and service records, when you come in you will be serviced by the whole team. Here we all work together to make your buying experience easy comfortable and special.You Do not have spend the whole day at the car dealer! The WHOLE deal process can be done in less then 90 minutes. Come on in or give me call see for yourself. Bueno Bonito Barato.

Aymara Spin - Office Manager

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

10 years experience in automotive business.

Pamela Acosta - Internet Sales

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

Im a very responsible person who takes actions upon my words. Im here to accomplish my task in providing a higher standard to customers, however not only am I here to serve my customers but to give them my honesty.

Juan C. Rodriguez - Sales Associate

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

Juan C. Rodriguez has worked his whole life to strive for excellence. He has served both inside and out of the automotive industry with one goal in mind, customers come first. Having achieved several accolades throughout his career for honesty and integrity Juan's primary focus is on 100% customer satisfaction.

Alfonso Castillo - Sales Assistance

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

I'm a dedicated sales person with 2 years in automotive industry here at Buy Right., my goal is 100% customer service I'm here to provide the best service before and after you get your dream car. come on in or give me a call to experience an easy comfortable way of buying a car with No games.

Giovanny Milanes - Service and Sales assistant

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

Giovanny is dedicated to help customers in any way he can if it is sales showing a car or taking a test drive or it is in service department assisting the mechanics. Giovanny loves cars and comes to work with a can do it attitude every day.

Richard Dejesus Rodriguez - Sales/Lot Attendant

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

Richard comes to work to work he loves cars and loves taking care of the cars on the lot. and is a DJ in his free time .

Daniel Salcedo" La Maquina" - Service Manager/General Mechanic

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com

General Foreign and Domestic Mechanic. 25yrs in the automotive industry . Engine and transmission specialist, tune ups, maintenance, ac. La Maquina is a professional mechanic and can do it all when it comes to taking care of your car.

Pamela Gonzalez - Sales receptionist

201-330-2100 - info@buyrightusedcars.com


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